Viking 2700 OD


Viking 2700 OD
Saturday June 9, 2018
Valley City Rifle and Pistol - Valley City, North Dakota
Precision Pistol
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James Ladwig


Valley City Rifle & Pistol Club

Viking 2700 Approved Bullseye Pistol Match

MATCH DATE:                   June 9th, 2018

LOCATION:                        Valley City, ND Outdoor Range is located north and east of the High Line

Railroad Bridge on the north side of Valley City. Proceed ΒΌ mile north of the bridge, cross the RR tracks at the grain elevator and turn east on the gravel road to the range. PLEASE CLOSE THE CATTLE GATE BEHIND YOU!!!

RULES:                                Current NRA Rules will govern. NRA membership is not required, but suggested.

RELAYS:                              Match Morning at 9:00am. Only one relay

RANGE & CAPACITY:       The range has 20 covered firing points. Slow Fire will be at 50 yards on B-6 Targets. Timed and Rapid Fire will be at 25 yards with turning targets on B-8 Targets. Capacity for tournament will be 20 shooters.

ENTRIES CLOSE:                10:00 PM the Thursday before the match.

POST ENTRIES:                  Post entries will be accepted up to range capacity. No Post Entry Fee, but advanced entry is requested.

ENTRY FEES:                      $20.00 USD. To keep costs low, No Awards will be given, except Free Lunch.

MATCH SCHEDULE:         22 Matches                        C.F. Matches                     45 Matches

                                             #1 20 rds. Slow (B-6)       #6 20 rds. Slow (B-6)       #11 20 rds. Slow (B-6)

                                             #2 30 rds. NMC                #7 30 rds. NMC                #12 30 rds. NMC

                                             #3 20 rds. Timed (B-8)    #8 20 rds. Timed (B-8)    #13 20 rds. Timed (B-8)

                                             #4 20 rds. Rapid (B-8)     #9 20 rds. Rapid (B-8)     #14 20 rds. Rapid (B-8)

                                             #5 22 Aggregate               #10 C.F. Aggregate          #15 45 Aggregate

                                             #16 Grand Aggregate

MISCELLANEOUS:            Advanced entry is requested but not required. All shooters are expected to bring a staple gun and staples. Competitors will score and repair targets. Challenge Fee is $2.00. Use of a plug-type scoring device is restricted to the range officer. A Challenge Committee will be designated to settle challenges. Classes will not be combined. Unclassified shooters will fire in the Master Class. New shooters may fire the entire match with .22, but will not be considered match awards. The grill will be out and brats available at the range.

ADVANCED ENTRY:         Garth Weber

                                             701-330-3284 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact information

Garth Weber
(701) 330-3284


Valley City Rifle and Pistol
Valley City Rifle and Pistol
Valley City
North Dakota
United States