ND State As-Issued M1 Carbine

ND State As-Issued M1 Carbine
Saturday August 13, 2016
Forks Rifle Club - Emerado, North Dakota
North Dakota State Championship, Vintage & Military Rifle


ND State As-Issued M1 Carbine Championship

August 13, 2016

Sponsor: Forks Rifle Club, Inc. P.O. Box 14842Grand Forks, ND 58208-4842

Range Location: 2051 12th Ave. NE, Grand Forks, ND (8 miles west of Merrifield, ND on County Road 6)

Rules: CMP Rule 9.2 apply.

Rifle:    Rifles must comply with Section 5.2.1 As-Issued M1 Carbine.

As-issued M1 Carbines must be chambered for the Caliber .30 Carbine cartridge.

Ammunition: Competitors must provide their own ammunition. Competitors may use any safe ammunition,

but no tracer, armor piercing or incendiary-type ammunition or projectiles may be used.

Entries: Entry fees are $15.00. Entries are limited to 24 individuals. Entries may be made in advance by mail at the above address or at the stat office at 10:00 am the day of the match.

Target Detail. Competitors will fire all stages of the match before rotating. Fixed targets will be used.  Targets will be scored and patched between stages.

Starting Time: 11:00 am.

Course of Fire: All firing is at 100 yards on the SR-1 target as follows:

            Sighters – 10 shots maximum from any position in 10 minutes.

            Stage I – 10 shots slow fire from prone position in 5 minutes.

            Stage II – 10 shots rapid fire from standing to prone position in 60 seconds.

            Stage III – 10 shots rapid fire from standing to sitting or kneeling position in 60 seconds.

            Stage IV – 10 shots slow fire from the standing position in 10 minutes.

Awards: High resident competitor will receive the state championship trophy.  CMP Games Achievement Pins will be awarded to competitors firing qualifying scores as follows:

                        Gold Pin score of 356 and above; Silver Pin score of 342–355; Bronze Pin score of 328-341


General Information: Lunch is not available at the range, so competitors should provide their own food and water. For more information contact Tom Reiten at 701-739-1988 or <>;.  


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Tom Reiten


Forks Rifle Club
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