2022 Junior Support Raffle

The raffle drawing on August 28th, 2022




Drawing Date and Location: 2 PM, August ??th, 2022, Forks Rifle Club 2051 12th Ave NE, Emerado, ND 58228

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The MidwayUSA Foundation is helping us support North Dakota Shooting Sports Association and our Junior Programs.

Visit our Midway USA Foundation North Dakota Shooting Sports Association Endowment Page and DONATE NOW TO SUPPORT THIS ENDOWMENT

North Dakota Shooting Sports Association would like to thank all the people that purchased tickets supporting our juniors in 2022.  Special thanks to the ticket sellers for their hard work.  We would also like to thank the Midway Foundation for providing the prizes.

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National Rifle Association | NRA-ILA News
  • Missouri: General Assembly Adjourns from 2022 Legislative Session
    On Friday, the Missouri General Assembly adjourned sine die from its 2022 legislative session. Once again, the General Assembly failed to pass legislation to reduce arbitrary “gun-free zones” where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless. The House passed this bill, House Bill 1462, as they have in previous years, but the Senate did not bring it to the floor for a vote.
  • Follow the Science, Unless it Leads Where You Don’t Want to Go
    Researchers in California have published the results of a study evaluating the effectiveness of so-called “gun violence restraining orders” (a.k.a. “extreme risk protection orders” or “red flag” orders). Assembly Bill 1014, was enacted in California in 2014, and since then, 19 states and the District of Columbia have adopted similar laws.
  • DHS “Misinformation Governance Board” Could Seek to Sway Gun Debate
    In late April, Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), made a bizarre announcement during a congressional hearing that DHS was forming what it called a “Mis- and Disinformation Governance Board.” The statement came in response to a question about how DHS was responding to supposed Russian interference in American elections. Mayorkas said the Board was intended to counter threats to both election security and “homeland security.”