Forks High Power Rifle Regional

Forks High Power Rifle Regional
Saturday June 25, 2016 - Sunday June 26, 2016
Forks Rifle Club - Emerado, North Dakota
Mid Range, High Power Rifle



JUNE 25 & 26, 2016


Grand Forks, North Dakota

Sponsored by:                                       The Forks Rifle Club, Inc.

Range Location:                                  14 miles southwest of Grand Forks on County Road 6

                                                                2015 – 12th Avenue NE

For Information:                  Write: Denny Coulter                                       Night Phone: 701-746-6959

                                                             4576 Belmont Road

                                                             Grand Forks, ND   58201-7667          Day Phone:     701-772-6631

Rules:                     Current NRA High Power Rifle Rules. Rule 11.6.7(b) WILL NOT be used.   Matches 1 and 2 will be fired at the same time, with a 5-minute rest time between the two matches.

Open To:                ANYONE, familiar with high power rifle rules and match procedures.

TEAMS will consist of Two firing members.  An alternate and non-firing captain and coach may also be named, or the captain and coach may be firing members of the team,  A team captain must be named (Rule 12.1). TEAM REPRESENTATION: Club (rule 2.11), Law enforcement agency (rule 2.14), Service (rule 2.13), State Association (rule 2.12, or Junior (rule 2.18).

Individual Entries:   Advanced Entries are Requested       (Prepaid will be given a $5 discount)

Individual entries are made by mail or phone, mailing the advance fee  (check Money Order or NRA Award Points) to the above address, the Package Entry Fee only. DO NOT included fees for the Team  (match 8) or CMP Matches (# 9&10) with your individual entries.  Fees for persons unable to attend will be refunded in full if cancellation is made prior to June 23rd.  A $5 fee will be charged if canceling after this date.  Mail entries with the correct fees to the above address.

Advance Individual Entries Close and must be received with the entry fees no later than Wednesday, June 23rd. Post Entries will be accepted up to the below stated range limit the day of the match until 7:30 AM.

Team Entries:        Entries in the Team Match should be made by the Team Captain either in advance or at the range statistical office prior to the start of the Regional match. The fees for the team match are to be paid for the entire time at the time of entry.

Entries Limited:                    Regional Championship:          60 Individuals

                                                The Leg Match                        60 Individuals

                                                Teams                                      15 teams

FEES:                     Package Regional Entry Fee:                           $35.00    ($30 cash in Advance)

                                Junior or Senior Entry Fee:                              $30.00    ($25 cash in Advance)

*Team Entry Fee:                                                $10.00   per team

                                Challenge Fee:  (Rule 16.11)                              $2.00    per challenge

                                Garand Match Entry Fee                    $15.00

                                Leg Match Entry Fee                                          $15.00     (Juniors $10)

                                Garand & Leg Matches Package                     $25.00   (Juniors: $20)

                                *Team members not entered in the regional will be required to pay an addition $10

Souvenir Pins:      Will be provided by the NRA and given to each individual who competes in the Regional Championship.

Squadding:            All matches will be squadded by Rule 11.6.7(a).  The Range Statistical Office will issue Squadding tickets/score cards for the individual matches.  No scorecards will be issued on the range.  Competitors must call for these tickets as soon as they arrive. NRA classification cards must be exhibited before scorecards will be issued. Squadding information and score cards for the M-1 and Leg matches will be announced on the range.  A competitor who fails pick up score cards or to report to his point when his relay is called to shoot, score, or for pit duties may loose their right to compete in that event.

Classification:      The NRA Classification System will be used for all matches.  Unclassified competitor will compete in the Master Class.  Assigned (rule 19.6) or Temporary (rule 19.2) Classification may be used in making entry in a NRA Regional.


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Rifle Allowed:       The NRA Match Rifle (rule 3.3) with Metallic Sights (rule 3.7a) or the Service Rifle (rule 3.1, 3.1.1, or 3.1.2) 

                                NOTE:  New rules for the service rifle will be used

Targets:                  Military type “SR” for 200 yards,  “SR-3” for 300 yards,  and  “MR-1” for 600 yards

Open Bold Indicators:     NRA High Power Rifle Rule 3.21 requires the mandatory use of Open Bolt Indicators for all sanctioned tournaments.  They will be available at the Range Statistical Office or from the Range Officer for $1.00.

Sighting Shots:     Sighting shots (rule 9.2) witch are allowed in the match conditions must be taken and recorded. Sighting shots may be taken in any position described in rule 5 of the High Power Rifle rulebook, except rule 9.13.  Additional sighting shots for Rapid Fire Alibi Strings Will Not Be allowed, as they will be fired immediately and not on a special alibi relay.

---   MATCH SCHEDULE   ---  

Commencing at 8AM CDT on June 25   (Saturday)

NOTE: Matches 1 (Standing) and 2 (RF Sitting) will be fired at the same time

Match 1:                2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record Slow Fire Standing at 200 yards.  22 minutes total time limit.  Rule 5.12

Match 2:                2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record Rapid Fire Sitting or Kneeling from Standing at 200 yards.  Fired in two ten shot strings, 60 seconds time limit each.  Rule 5.8 or 5.10

Match 3:                2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record Rapid Fire Prone from standing at 300 yards.  Fired in 2 ten shot strings, 70 second time limit each.  Rule 5.6       

Match 4:                2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record Slow Fire Prone. 22 minute total time limit.  Rule 5.6

Match 5:                Slow Fire Aggregate  - an aggregate of matches 1 and 4

Match 6:                Rapid Fire Aggregate  -  an aggregate of matches 2 and 3

Match 7:                THE REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP -  an aggregate of matches 1, 2. 3 and 4.

Match 8:                The Two Person 600 Yard Team Match  - Teams will be split into two relays. Both shooters on the teams on the first relay will each shoot 2 sighters and 20shots for record Slow Fire Prone with total time limit of 47 minutes for both shooters.  Coaching by the other team member or another person is allowed.  The teams on the other relay will supply one scorer and one pit puller.  When the first relay completes firing, the relays will switch. F-Class teams are also allowed, but will only be eligible for awards furnished by the sponsor.  Persons shooting the team match and NOT the Regional Championship will be charged and Additional $10 NRA Registration Fee each.  

Commencing at 8AM CDT on June 26 (Sunday)

Match 9                 CMP “Garand Match” - See match conditions elsewhere in this program

Commencing at about 11AM CDT on June 26 (Sunday)

Match 10:              CMP “Leg Match” -  See match conditions elsewhere in this program


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-- AWARDS  --

Classes and Award Disposition:     Awards will provided in each of the five classed providing 5 or more enter in a class. If there are fewer than 5 entries in a class, there will be NO AWARDS provided in that class and all the competitors in that class will be combined with the next higher class until there are a minimum of 5 competitors in a class.  If fewer than 5 High Masters enter, they will shot for Match Winner awards and WILL NOT be combined with the Master class.  This plan for combining classes will apply to ALL matches.

There must be 5 or more entries in a class for one award, 10 or more for two awards, 15 or more for three awards, and 20 or more for four awards.

Special award categories in the Regional Aggregate (Match 7) will be: Grand Senior,  Senior (rule 2.2.1),  . Woman, and Junior (rule 2.3).  An award will be provided to the high individual in each special award category if three or more enter in that category.  An individual winning a place award (Winner, 2nd or 3rd) shall be entitled to Special Awards for which he or she is qualified, but may not win a class aware in the same match.  To be eligible for a Special Award, the individual must indicate on the entry card (SR-1) any and all Special Awards for which he or she is eligible.

Regional Championships Awards   (Match 7):

                WINNER:              NRA Regional Gold Medallion furnished by NRA (5 or more competitors)

                2nd PALCE:          NRA Regional Silver Medallion furnished by NRA (10 or more competitors)

                3rd PALCE:           NRA Regional Bronze Medallion furnished by NRA (15 or more competitors)

SPECIAL AWARDS:         Award Points furnished by the sponsor

                CLASS AWARDS:    Medals to first in each Class furnished by NRA (5or more competitiors)

                                                       5 Award Points to the 2nd, 3rd. if 10, 15 or more enter, furnished buy FRC

Fired and Sub-Aggregate Matches Awards (Matches 1,2,3,4,5 & 6)

                MATCH WINNER:              Award Points, furnished by the Sponsor

                CLASS AWARDS:              Award Points, based on the number or competitors in each class

Team Match Awards (Match 8):

                MATCH WINNERS:           Medals furnished by NRA (5 or more teams)

                F-Class MATCH WINNERS:   Award Points furnished by FRC  (2 of more teams)

                2nd and 3rd PLACE:            Award Points furnished by the Sponsor (10 or more teams

NRA Camp Perry Credit Certificate Awards

The National Rifle Association will award each High Poser and Long Range Regional sponsor Camp Perry Entry Fee Credit Certificates to supplement the highest Marksman, Sharpshooter, and Expert class medals. Each Credit Certificate is good for 50% off the entry fee for the NRA High Power or Long Range Championships.  The Camp Perry entry fee Credit Certificates will be awarded according to the following guidelines:  A Credit Certificate will NOT be given more than one to a class (Example: If  the Match Winner is an Expert, then no other Expert will receive a Credit Certificate)  Classes may be combined in order to achieve the 10 competitor minimums.  Supported shooter are NOT eligible for Credit Certificates.  Competitors can win only one Credit Certificate per event (High Power or Long Range) per year.  Certificates are non –transferable.  These certificates are numbered and a list of the certificates will be given to the NRA Entry Office at Camp Perry to verify upon remittance.  A Credit Certificate won at a High Power Regional can be used for entry in the High Power phase at Camp Perry.  A Credit Certificate won at a Long Range Regional can be used for entry in the Long Range phase at Camp Perry.  Credit Certificates will be passed down within a class if won by an ineligible person.  Credit Certificates earned will expire two years after the date or issuing the award.


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0pen to: ANYONE, 14 years of age or older, familiar with CMP high power rifle rules and match procedures.

Fees: $15  PAID IN CASH at the time of entry ($25 deal for Grand and Leg Matches)

Entries:   Entries will be limited to 45 competitors.  Entries may be made in advance or at the range     starting at 7:30 am the day of the match.

Rules: CMP Rule 9.2 apply.

Rifle:      CMP Rule 6.3.2-6.3.5, “As-issued” U.S. Military Rifles – Includes U .S. Model 1903 Springfield rifle series, U.S. Model 1917 rifle, U.S. M1 Garand rifle, M1941 Johnson rifle, U.S. Krag Rifle, or U.S. M1 .30 cal. Carbine.  The rifle must be in as-issued condition with standard stock leather or web sling.

               (1) All as-issued military rifles must be rifles that were commonly issued to U. S. Armed Forces.

                (2) The rifle must be in as-issued condition, with a standard stock. The use of shims, fiberglass, epoxy,               glue or any other filler is prohibited. Laminated and synthetic stocks is prohibited

                (3) The rifle must conform to the weight and dimensions of the standard-issue service rifle. Weights may          not be added to the rifle, but issue oilers or cleaning kits may be placed in the stock.

                (4) Commercial or replica versions of as-issued military rifles are not permitted.

                (5) Rebarreling with a barrel of as-issued dimensions is permitted. A replacement barrel must have the             same exact contours and cuts as the original as-issued barrel.

                (6) Only government-issue parts or government or commercial parts of the exact same weight and       dimensions may be used.

                7) Sights must be of the same types that were on rifles issued to regular military personnel. Special purpose sights designed for sniping or competition are not permitted.

                (8) Rifles may be accurized only by the careful assembly of standard parts, except an M1 Garand mayhave a "NM" operating rod.

                (9) Trigger Pulls may not be less than 4.5 pounds, except M1941 Johnson and M1903 Springfield may have a trigger of not less than 3.5 pounds.

                (10) The use of flash suppressors, cheek pads, recoil pads, or stock extensions are prohibited.

                (11) Only standard issue 15 round magazine or equivalent may be used in M1 .30 cal. Carbine.

Ammunition: Except for the M1 .30 cal. Carbine and U.S. Krag rifles (30-40 Krag), all rifles must be chambered for the 30-06 cartridge.  Competitors must provide their own ammunition.

Target Detail. Competitors will be divided into three relays one firing, one scoring, and one pulling targets.  Shooters will fire all stages of the match before rotating.

Course of Fire: Commencing at 8AM CDT on June 26 (Sunday) at 200 yards                   on the SR Target


            Stage 1:          Slow Fire, up to 5 sighting shots from,any position and 10 shots                                    for record from the Prone Position. 15 minutes total time limit.

            Stage 2:          Rapid Fire, 10 shots prone form standing, in 70 seconds.

            Stage 3;          Slow Fire, 10 shots standing position in 10 minutes.

Awards:         The High competitor firing an M1 Garand will receive a plaque. CMP  Achievement Pins will be awarded to competitors firing            qualifying scores as follows:  Gold Pin – score of 280 and above

                                                                        Silver Pin – score of 273 – 229

                                                                        Bronze Pin – score of 262 – 272


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Open to:Any able body citizen of the United States, 16 years of age or older on the day of the match. Competitors under 12 years of age may compete if they have had safety and range procedure instructions.  Military personal must comply with AR 350-6 as well as the regulations of their parent services.  Competitors failing to comply will be disqualified.

Fees:$15 (Juniors $10) PAID IN CASH at the time of entry ($25 deal for the Garand and Leg Matches)

Entries:Entries will be limited to 60 competitors. Entries will be made at the range with fees paid in cash at the time of entry.  Non-Distinguished competitors will be given preference.  Distinguished competitors will be allowed to fire only if space is available to fill existing relays of 15shooters.

Course of Fire:    Commencing at about 11AM CDT on June 26 (Sunday)

                First Stage:          Slow fire, 200 yards, Military SR target.  10 shots standing, One (1) minute per                                                       shot

Second Stage:      Rapid Fire, 200 yards, Military SR target. 10 shots sitting or kneeling from standing.  60 seconds total firing time.

Third Stage:         Rapid Fire, 300 yards, Military SR-3 target. 10 shots prone firm standing.  70 seconds total firing time.

Fourth Stage:       Slow Fire, 600 yards, Military MR-1 target. 20 shots prone.  One (1) minute per shot.

Arm:      The Service Rifle.   See CMP Rules 6.1 & 6.2 for description.  NOTE:  new CMP Rifle rules will           apply

Ammunition:        Competitors must provide their own service, commercial or hand loaded caliber 30-06, 7.62mm, or 233 ammunition

Awards:Credit towards distinguished designation for the top ranking 10% of the total number of non-distinguished competitors shooting a score of 455 or greater. Excellence in competition badges will be provided by the CMP for civilians who qualify. The CMP will notify the branches of the Armed Forces for military personal that qualify for credit (see AR622-10).  Gold, Silver, and Bronze Achievement Pins will be mailed by the CMP for those who qualify with scores as follows:  Gold: 476 and over;  Silver: 465-475;  and Bronze: 454-464.

General Information:     Lunch and water will not be available at the range and time will not be allowed to go to town to eat, therefore, bring your own... Camping will be allowed on the range starting Friday Evening.  For access on Friday, Call Denny Coulter (701-746-6959) or Danny Martin (701-594-4927).  Other than three electrical hook-ups for campers and first class outhouses, there are no other facilities.


Contact information

Denny Coulter
(701) 746-6959


Forks Rifle Club
2051 12th Ave NE
North Dakota
United States
Forks Rifle Club