Bruce Alexander High Power

Bruce Alexander High Power
Sunday September 25, 2016
Memorial David Disrud High Power Range - Rolla, North Dakota
Mid Range, High Power Rifle


2016 Annual Bruce Alexander High Power Tournament

Date of Competition:               Sunday, September 25, 2016 Sponsored by:                                                       Turtle Mt. Rifle and Pistol Club

Directions to Range:                From Rolla, 1/4 mile north on Hwy 30, two

                                                Miles west, one mile north, and 1/2 mile

                                                west into farm yard.

Eligibility:                                Competition shall be open to all NRA


Entries:                                    Fee shall be $20.00

                                                Entries received before the

                                                Wednesday preceding the match will assure

                                                registrants of participation status. Range

                                                capacity is 32 shooters! Send advanced

                                                entries to Andy Johnson, 5709 Hwy 5,

                                                Rolla, N.D. 58367. Telephone entries

                                                accepted evenings at 701-550-9969.

Commencement:                      Squadding tickets and late registration will

                                                commence at 8:30 a.m. 1st relay firing

                                                begins promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Rules:                                                Current NRA rules will apply.

Matches:                                  Match 1: 2 sighting shots and 20 shots

                                                offhand for record (200 yds).

                                                Match 2: 2 sighting shots and 20 shots rapid

                                                fire from the sitting position (200 yds).

                                                Match 3: 2 sighting shots and 20 shots rapid

                                                fire from the prone position(300 yds).

                                                Match 4: 2 sighting shots and 20 shots slow

                                                fire from the prone position(600 yds).

                                                Match 5: Aggregate championship.

Pit Duty:                                  Competitors shall have pit duty.

Awards:                                   The Bruce Alexander Memorial trophy shall                                              be awarded to the high aggregate winner in                                                         addition to points won in individual                                                                    matches.

Points/dollars shall be awarded

                                                to match winner, and by class according to                                                        the

                                                following schedule: 1st place

                                                2nd place (five competitors

                                                required); 3rd place (five

                                                competitors required).

Classification:                          NRA classification shall be used.                                                                Unclassified shooters shall

                                                compete in the master class. If only one

                                                shooter is entered in a class, that shooter's

                                                class will be combined with the next higher


General Information:               Primitive                                                                                                     camping shall be permitted at the range (no

                                                facilities other than an excellent outhouse

                                                toilet facility at the edge of the Disrud yard)

Motels:                                    Sky Dancer Hotel & Casino 244-2400

                                                Bilmar Motel 477-3157



Contact information

Andy Johnson
(701) 550-9969


Memorial David Disrud High Power Range
North Dakota
United States
Memorial David Disrud High Power Range