CMP Sanctioned Vintage Sniper Rifle Match

CMP Sanctioned Vintage Sniper Rifle Match
Saturday May 29, 2021
Forks Rifle Club - Emerado, North Dakota
Vintage & Military Rifle


CMP Sanctioned Vintage Sniper Rifle Match

Vintage Sniper Rifle Match

May 29, 2021


Sponsor: Forks Rifle Club, Inc. P.O. Box 14842 Grand Forks, ND 58208-4842


Range Location: 2051 12th Ave. NE, Grand Forks County (8 miles west of Merrifield, ND on County Road 6)


Rules: CMP Rule 6.0 applies.

Rifle:    6.2.1 Vintage Sniper Rifle

The rifle must be a manually operated or semi-automatic rifle of U. S. or foreign manufacture that was either an original military rifle issued for sniping in 1953 or earlier or a commercial replica rifle of the same type and caliber. Vintage Sniper Rifles and Sights must be listed in Table I and must fulfill these


  • The bore diameter may be no larger than 8mm (.315 caliber).
  • Must be in as-issued condition. No fiberglass stocks, special bedding (glass bedding, etc.), match triggers or other special accurizing are permitted.
  • Rebarreling with a barrel of as-issued dimensions is permitted. A replacement barrel must have the same exact contours and cuts as the original as-issued barrel.
  • Triggers on semi-automatic rifles must have a trigger pull of at least 4.5 lbs. Triggers on manually operated rifles must have a trigger pull of at least 2.5 lbs.
  • A strap-on, lace-on or detachable wooden cheek-piece may be used if it was original to the rifle when used for sniping purposes.
  • Sights must be original issue optical sights with as-issued reticles or sights may be commercial replicas of as-issued optical sights. In addition, specific non-issue scopes that are listed in Table I may be used. Such nonissue scopes may only be used on the rifles for which they are specifically listed. Replica or non-issue sights may have only crosshair, post or post with crosshair reticles. Scope mounts and rings may be original or reproduction replicas. Scope rings may be sleeved or modified to accept a non-original scope diameter.


Ammunition: Competitors must provide their own ammunition. Competitors may use any safe ammunition,

but no tracer, armor piercing or incendiary-type ammunition or projectiles may be used.


Eye and Hearing Protection: Eye and hearing protection is required to be worn by competitors, scorers, verifiers and match officials during firing, Eye and hearing protection must meet requirements of Rule 3.1.2.


Entries: Entry fees are $20.00 per two-man team. Entries are limited to 30 teams. Entries may be made in advance by mail at the above address or at the stat office at 1:00 pm the day of the match.

Starting time: 2:00 pm.


Target Detail. Teams will be divided into two relays one firing and one scoring and pulling targets. Teams will fire one stage of the match and then rotate with the team in the pits.


Course of Fire: Each team will start at 300 yard. All firing will be done from the prone position either off the sand bags provided or with the use of a sling, but not utilizing both. The team will be allowed 5 minutes for unlimited sighters. One team member will spot while the other team member fires 10 shots for record. The range officer will announce when the tenth target is to come up. The team will then be allowed 2 minutes to change positions. The second team member will then fire 10 shots for record. The targets will be exposed for 20 seconds and down for 20 seconds. The team will then rotate with the team in the pits. This process will be repeated at 600 yards. The standard 300 yard and 600 yard high power rifle targets will be used.


Awards: Each member of the team with the highest total score for their 40 shots for record will each receive a plaque. CMP Games Achievement Pins will be awarded to competitors firing qualifying scores as follows:

            Manual - Gold Pin score of 386 and above; Silver Pin score of 379–385; Bronze Pin score of 365–378

            Semi - Gold Pin score of 378 and above; Silver Pin score of 368–377; Bronze Pin score of 350–367


General Information: Lunch is not available at the range, so competitors should provide their own food and water. For more information contact Tom Reiten at 701-775-0008 or .


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Tom Reiten


Forks Rifle Club
2051 12th Ave NE
North Dakota
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