ND Open 4P Air Rifle

ND Open 4P Air Rifle
Saturday March 4, 2017 - Sunday March 5, 2017
Devils Lake Armory Building - Devils Lake, North Dakota
North Dakota State Championship, Air Rifle



MATCH DATE : March 4 & 5, 2017

LOCATION : Devils Lake Armory, 5th Ave & 5th St., Devils Lake, ND

SPONSORED BY : Lake Region Shooting Sports Association

OPEN TO : Any individual member of the NRA (rule 2). NRA membership is suggested, but no longer required. North Dakota champions must be ND residents and must be members of the North Dakota Shooting Sports Association. NRA & NDSSA memberships will be available at the range. Juniors may be members of the NRA or a member of an

NRA affiliated club.

RULES : Current NRA international Air Rifle Rules will be used.

DISTANCE : 10 meters (33 feet)

RIFLE : Rule 3.1, Air Rifle

SIGHTS : NRA Rule 3.7(a), Metallic only

TARGETS : AR-5/10 (10 Bullseye) Air Rifle Target

CLASSIFICATION: The NRA Classification System will be used. Unclassified competitors will fire in the Master Class.

Scores from a temporary score record book to establish a classification is acceptable.

CHALLENGES : The challenge fee will be $1.00 per bullseye. See NRA Rule 16.1 for correct procedure

ENTRIES : Entries should be made at least 7 days preceding the firing date (earlier is better). Late entries may be accepted to our

range capacity. Mail your Entry with the correct fees to Rick Jorgenson at the above address.

Checks should be made payable to Rick Jorgenson. Entries are limited to 28 competitors.

MATCH FEES : Adults - $18.00 Juniors - $15.00

TIME LIMITS : 120 minutes total firing time NRA Rule 7.1.1(a) (2); additional time will be allowed to change targets

RELAY TIMES : ALL TIMES ARE CENTRAL TIME - 16 firing points for each relay

Saturday & Sunday - 9:00am, 11:00am, &1:00 pm each day

*We will add an additional afternoon relay on Saturday only if the early relays are completely filled.

COURSE OF FIRE: 60 shots standing-unlimited sighting shots may be taken within the time limits before going for

record on any target card - Rule 9.2. Also see Rule 9.2.2 regarding misplaced sighting shots.

We will hang two 10 bull targets at a time to be considered a single target card.

AWARDS : Awards will be provided by the sponsors and the State Association.

Classes will be combined if there are fewer than 3entries in the class.

If there are fewer than 3 Masters entered, they will compete for match winner only.

There will be a separate junior award if 3or more juniors are entered.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Rick Jorgenson, 4931 81st Ave. NE, Devils Lake, ND 58301

Phone 701-662-4760 (h) 701-662-5301 (w)

Contact information

Richard Jorgenson
(701) 662.4760


Devils Lake Armory Building
5th St NE
Devils Lake
North Dakota
United States