2700 Indoor Pistol

2700 Indoor Pistol
Sunday April 18, 2021
Johnson Family Marksmanship Center - Bismarck, North Dakota
Precision Pistol


2021 2700 Pistol Match April
Sponsored by: Bismarck Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association.
Dates: Sunday April 18, 2021 INDOOR RANGE.
Location: Johnson Family Marksmanship Center
4667 Sky Way
Bismarck, ND 58501
Rules: Current NRA rules will govern. Shooters are not required to be NRA or NDSSA members.
This will not be a NRA sanctioned match.
Relays: 9:00 AM start shooting.
Range: Slow fire will be at 50 yards on B-6 targets.
Timed and Rapid will be at 25 yards on B-8 targets.
Capacity for the tournament will be 16 shooters indoor.
Post Entries: Post entries will be accepted up to range capacity. Advanced entry is requested Please.
Entry Fees: Package entry fee of $20.00.
Awards: Matches 1 to 15 Shooters in class 1 2 3
1st in class .50 .50 1.00
2nd in class .50
Match 16 win 1 to 5 total shooters $7.00
6 & over total shooters $12.00
Match 16 1st in class $5.00
2nd in class $3.00
Match Schedule: .22 matches CF matches .45 matches
# 1 20 rds slow #6 20 rds slow #11 20 rds slow
# 2 30 rds NMC #7 30 rds NMC #12 30 rds NMC
# 3 20 rds timed #8 20 rds timed #13 20 rds timed
# 4 20 rds rapid #9 20 rds rapid #14 20 rds rapid
# 5 .22 Agg. #10 CF Agg. #15 .45 Agg.
# 16 2700 Grand Agg.
Misc: All shooters are expected to bring staple guns and staples. Competitors will score and repair targets.
Challenge fee $1.00. Challenges will be settled by challenge committee. Use of a plug scoring device
Is restricted to the range officer. Shooters without an outdoor classification may use their indoor classification and vice versa. Unclassified shooters will be placed in the Master class.
Contract: Kevin C. Hertz
2931 N. Colorado Dr.
Bismarck, ND 58503

(701) 223-4225

Contact information

Kevin Hertz
(701) 223-4225


Johnson Family Marksmanship Center
4667 Sky Way
North Dakota
United States
Johnson Family Marksmanship Center


The Johnson Family Marksmanship Center is the BMRPA’s indoor range. It is a 50 meter, 16 point, range. The range has been functional since January 2009 but there are still a number of areas that need more time and money. For example: some doors and finish work, range floor sealing, classroom equipment, etc.

The range is located at 4667 Skyway, Bismarck, ND, two blocks north and two blocks west of intersection of Hwy 1804 and 48 Ave. S (go south of the airport on U. Mary road).